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www.gradeink.com is designed to be a user-friendly place for you to quickly find the ink or toner cartridge you're looking for. We know what it's like to visit a website to place an order, only to have a hard time locating the items you want. We try to make our site simple for everyone to navigate. There are several convenient options for you to search the ink or toner cartridge for your printer. Plus, if you should ever have any questions or comments regarding a specific part or just want some advice, our dedicated staff is always ready and willing to walk you through what you need to know.

At the end of the day, www.gradeink.com is about helping you to save money on the best ink and toner cartridges available on the market for your office or home. We print, too, and we understand that you need the most reliable ink and toner cartridges and the best prices with fast delivery! After all, your printer is an important part of your business. Finding the right printer supplies can sometimes be a challenge. Our goal is to make it simple for you to find the best ink and toner cartridge for your printer. MyPrinterShop.ca was founded with that simple goal in mind and it will always be a part of us!

Our mission is to provide the people of Canada with strictly selected goods and services to make life easier and better.

We have the facilities to handle 100% of our products’ potential. This means we make our own inventory purchases, thus ensuring we only purchase from the most reliable suppliers of the highest quality ink cartridges. In addition, we built an in-house Customer Service Staff because we believe that an in-house staff is far more dedicated to satisfying your needs. And after several years of hard work, we are extremely proud of the friendly and knowledgeable team we have selected.

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